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Street prices in Thailand

Prices in local shops:

Softdrinks (a can 0,33L) 15 Bath

Softdrinks (Big bottle, 2L) 35 Bath

Bread in th bag (toast) 40 Bath

Beer (a can, 0,33L) 35 Bath

T-Shirt 99 Bath

Bicycle 1500 Bath

Portable computer 20000 Bath


Hair cut 180 Bath

Thai massage (2 hours) 500 Bth

Prices in restaurants:

A cup of coffee 10 Bath

Softdrinks 5 Bath

Beer (small) 60 Bath

Fried rice+chicken 40 Bath

Beef (with fries) 200 Bath

Only light drink available are Cola drinks (Cola Light/Zero and Pepsi Max). In the restaurant check availabily beforehand, many restaurants (even international fast food places) don't offer diet drinks at all. Water is always available.

Because Thai people don't eat much bread by themselves, there is very narrow selection of bread available. Usually just one type of toast.  

Prices may change between cities and between seasons. It is a little bit cheaper during (northern hemisphere) summer than winter and small cities are cheaper than big ones.

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